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Specializing in installing gypsum boards, vertical blinds and suspended ceiling. Distributors and agents of Knauf, Germany, ABS, Turkey & DETAI

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About Us

El Hoda Establishment founded in 2016. Today El Hoda is one of the leading companies in the field of suspended ceilings. We have authorized distributors in all Egypt governorates.

suspended ceiling

What is a suspended ceiling?

Suspended ceilings, which are especially used for decorative purposes, are also in high demand for heat and sound insulation. Now you can easily update and hide situations that disrupt the aesthetics such as the appearance of the ceiling, installation pipes, cables that are not pleasing to the eye, and add a completely different atmosphere to the ceiling

gypsum board

What are the components of gypsum board?

The specifications of the gypsum board are: The oasis consists of gypsum materials of German origin, silicone, and fiberglass, and is covered from the outside with a layer of treated cardboard.
Uses of gypsum board
It is used in gypsum board decorations for children’s rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms, as well as for ceilings such as houses of light and attractive geometric shapes. Gypsum board decorations can also be used for the TV inside the walls themselves as making libraries for it surrounded by a group of shelves and placing antiques and statues on them. Gypsum board shapes can also be made for the walls to divide Rooms, offices, etc. It is also used to create flat ceilings that allow utility wires that we want to hide to pass over them.

PVC panels 

What are PVC panels that replace marble?
PVC panels are an alternative to marble panels that are currently manufactured with the aim of imitating the shapes of natural marble and usually come in a thickness of 3 mm.
The sizes of PVC panels as an alternative to marble vary, the most common size being 2.44” long and 1.22” wide, with a high-quality marble pattern printed on it.
They are glued to the walls according to their size using specialized adhesive materials such as silicone or Patex